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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 7
142. Total Sabrina Live! (2)
gs: Christopher Darga (Mr. Fleming) Alexandra Hart-Gilliams (Young Zelda) Mark Wilkerson (Himself) Paul Taylor (Security Guard) Rickey Shelton (Himself) John Milldrum (Himself) Chris Dickerson (Himself) Carson Daly (Himself (uncredited))

This episode concludes I Fall To Pieces! before the credits.
Sabrina joins Morgan and Roxie on a trip to visit MTV to meet "Total Request Live" host Carson Daly and interview the rock band Course of Nature after Morgan wins a writing contest with the ultra-hip Scorch music magazine. But after Morgan admits she submitted Sabrina's writing, Sabrina turns it around and captures a job at the magazine. Meanwhile, with her aunts moving back to the Other Realm, Sabrina begins a new chapter of her life when she, Roxie and Morgan move into the house.

b: 20-Sep-2002 pc: 142 w: David Babcock d: Kenneth R. Koch

NOTE: It's mentioned that Aunt Zelda gave up her youth to bring Sabrina back to life.
  • John Ducey previously guest starred as Mr. Kraft's nephew, Dwayne in "The Band Episode." In this episode he starts his starring role as Leonard.
  • Bumper Robinson previously guest starred as Clifford in "Trial by Fury." In this episode he starts his starring role as James.
  • Alexandra Hart-Gilliams previously played Ally in Season 3's Sabrina The Matchmaker.
  • Melissa Joan Hart's future husband, Mark Wilkerson, makes a cameo appearance in this episode. The two would marry in July of 2003, and they would star together in the ABC Family reality series Tying the Knot: The Wedding of Melissa Joan Hart with Mark Wilkerson .
  • Andrew Walker and Diana-Maria Riva join the Cast as Cole and Annie.
  • A whole different script was written for this episode. Hilda and Sabrina- creating a strong potion, and a good spell turn Young Zelda back to normal Zelda. The whole episode was going to be based around that, and then Hilda informs them she is giving up her powers, to live a normal life and Zelda was given her dream job of being a scientific researcher in England. Accepting, she also gives up her powers. Because of this, the witches council bring it upon them selves, to alter Sabrina and her aunts minds, into forgetting one another as a punishment for the aunts giving up their powers. Melissa, Beth and Caroline were ready to film, but all pulled out of doing it claiming it would of been cruel for Sabrina, Hilda, Zelda and the fans. So the episode was turned in a whole different direction and storyline.

  • 143. The Big Head
    gs: Howie Dorough (Strum)

    Sabrina's first assignment at Scorch is to write a profile about an overconfident rock (Howard Dorough), but when her senior editor Annie publishes the truth about the arrogant superstar, he threatens to sue the magazine unless Sabrina gives a public apology at his concert. Back at the house, Morgan and Roxie decide to train Salem. They begin with the purchase of a collar, which proves a shock for the magical cat.

    b: 27-Sep-2002 pc: 143 w: Bill Rosenthal & Andrew Borakove d: Melissa Joan Hart

    NOTE: Nate Richert does not appear in this episode.
  • Howie Dorough previously appeared with the other four Backstreet Boys members in "The Band Episode" where he was the only member with a speaking line.

  • 144. Call Me Crazy
    gs: Ashanti (Herself) J.P. Manoux (Counter Guy) Damon Standifer (Bouncer)

    Sabrina's desperate attempts to impress her colleagues and prove to them she's not a kid, backfire when she accidentally blurts out too much information about her magical antics and they end up thinking she's bonkers but a chance meeting with Ashanti lands Sabrina an interview and an opportunity for her co-workers to see her in a new light.

    b: 04-Oct-2002 pc: 144 w: Trish Baker d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: Sabrina accidentally tells her co-workers how Britney Spears once gave her dancing lessons in Paris. She is referring to episode #75, "No Place Like Home."
  • The Diner Sabrina goes to in this episode is her new hangout place instead of the cofee house.
  • Morgan and Roxie mention that Sabrina has yet to tell them what happened to her Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda. They say that the Aunts "disappeared," and that Sabrina "simply refuses to talk about it."
  • Ashanti performs her hit single, "Happy," in this episode.
  • Sabrina also tells her co-workers about how she once visited the "Rings of Saturn." The "Rings of Saturn" was the amusement park that Sabrina and Hilda visited in episode #101, "You Can't Twin."

  • 145. Shift Happens
    gs: Da'Brat (Baby K2K) Sean Whalen (Chip) Susanne Spoke (Judge Malloy) Matt Winston (Bob) Jossie Thacker (Judy) Mark Craig (Baliff #1)

    Sabrina is scared stiff to interview a hip-hop diva with a nasty reputation, but her spell to make the superstar more harmonious backfires and the girls end up swapping personalities.

    b: 11-Oct-2002 pc: 145 w: Torian Hughes d: Jeff Melman

    146. Free Sabrina
    gs: Clare Kramer (Babette Storm) Jo Nell Kennedy (Monique) Jeanette Miller (Mildred) Dona Hardy (May) Bryan Cuprill (Cliff) Ariel Llinas (Security Guard) Maria Menounos (Reporter #1) Steve Truitt (Reporter #2)

    Sabrina sets out to expose a famous actress as a kleptomaniac after she sees the star shoplifting in a boutique. She devises a plan to catch the sticky-fingered diva in the act, but when it backfires Sabrina ends up in the hands of the police.

    b: 18-Oct-2002 pc: 146 w: Tod Himmel d: Brian Roberts

    NOTE: This episode may have been based on the trial of the Hollywood actress, Winona Ryder, who was eventually convicted of shoplifting from a boutique.

    147. Sabrina Unplugged
    gs: Steven M. Porter (Clive Ryder) J.P. Manoux (Stan) Christa Campbell (Tina) Irene White (Plain Woman)

    When Sabrina is caught by the office webcam using her powers, she magically enters Leonard's computer to destroy the evidence and meets up with the animated characters Shaggy and Scooby Doo. While in the computer, Leonard alters what he believes is a photo of Sabrina and she reemerges looking like a voluptuous cartoon siren.

    b: 01-Nov-2002 pc: 148 w: Jennifer Glickman d: Mark Cendrowski

    148. Witch Way Out
    gs: Austin Peck (Victor) Verne Troyer (Angus) Kipp Shiotani (Asian Businessman) Michael Deak (Sasquatch) Goo Goo Dolls (Themselves)

    Sabrina meets the handsome owner (Austin Peck) of an art gallery, and decides to make a date with him instead of going out with her friends. But she has a change of heart when she realizes he may want to add her to his collection of exotic creatures.

    b: 08-Nov-2002 pc: 147 w: Adam Hamburger and David Hamburger d: Brian Roberts

    NOTE: Diana-Maria Riva, Andrew Walker, Bumper Robinson, and John Ducey do not appear in this episode.
  • Verne Troyer, who played Angus the leprechaun, played "mini-me" in the movies, "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," and "Austin Powers in Goldmember."

  • 149. Bada-Ping!
    gs: Evan Taubenfeld (Himself) J.P. Manoux (Stan) Jesse Colburn (Himself) Richard Voll () Garry Marshall () Avril Lavigne (Herself) Emily Hart (Amanda) Matt Brann (Himself) Garry Marshall (Mickey)

    Sabrina catches a special performance by pop star Avril Lavigne and meets a talented musician whom she believes is being blackmailed by a gangster. After Sabrina is threatened by the gangster, she and her cousin Amanda take a trip into the future where she sees that her premature death is really caused by Amanda's second-hand smoke.

    b: 15-Nov-2002 pc: 149 w: Nancy Cohen d: Anson Williams

    150. It's a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Christmas
    gs: Kate Jackson (Candy) Scott Gurney () Scott Gurney (Zack) Greg Baker (Attendant) Mike Siegel (Emcee) Sandra McCoy (Attractive Woman) John Ducey (Leonard)

    Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan spend Christmas with Leonard in Florida, where they run into Roxie's recently paroled mom Candy. But when the vacation home is robbed and Roxie's mom is accused, it's up to Sabrina to prove Candy's innocence and give Roxie the Christmas she always dreamed of.

    b: 06-Dec-2002 pc: 151 w: Dan Kael d: Melissa Joan Hart

    NOTE: Kate Jackson is also known as Sabrina the Charlie's Angel.

    151. Ping, Ping A Song
    gs: Sally Struthers (Aunt Lorraine) Chris Harrison (Colin) Drew Lachey (Zeke)

    Sabrina, Roxie and Morgan decide to audition for a television talent show, where singers compete for a record deal. But the magic Sabrina uses to help the group hit their notes might have some serious side effects that could ruin the girls' friendship.

    b: 10-Jan-2003 pc: 152 w: Tod Himmel d: Asaad Kelada

    NOTE: This episode is basically a remake of "The Band Episode" except for the contest is national and they take lozenges instead of bottled talent.
  • The host of the ABC hit series, "The Bachelor," Chris Harrison, and Drew Lachey from the singing group 98 Degrees guest-star in this episode.
  • The picture of the group on the restaurant is the promo pictures of Roxie, Morgan and Sabrina for the S7.

  • 152. The Lyin', the Witch and the Wardrobe
    gs: Daniel Bedingfield (Himself)

    Sabrina lands an interview and photo shoot with British singer Daniel Bedingfield, but the wardrobe stylist cancels at the last minute. So Sabrina needs to find a replacement for the gig---and fast.

    b: 17-Jan-2003 pc: 150 w: Mike Larson d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: James and Annie don't know who Morgan is when Sabrina mentions her even though they met her for the Gal Palz photo shoot in the previous episode "Ping Ping a Song." The reason is because this episode was actually made before "Ping Ping a Song."
  • Nate Richert does not appear in this episode.
  • The title of this episode comes from C.S. Lewis' classic book, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe .
  • This was actually the 150th episode of "Sabrina" filmed. Following the production of this episode, the "Sabrina" cast and crew cut a cake to celebrate "Sabrina"'s milestone of 150 episodes.

  • 153. In Sabrina We Trust
    gs: Deborah Zoe (Blind Faith) Annie O'Donnell (Louisa) Victor Raider-Wexler (Judge Naked Truth) Sean Smith (Ken) Gary Bullock (Abe Lincoln) Rachel Reenstra (Woman) Paul Kimmel (Elderly Man)

    When Roxie accuses Sabrina of not trusting her, Sabrina's truth spell backfires and she realizes that the only way to reverse it is to reveal to Roxy that she is a witch. Meanwhile, Salem uses the "Elixir of Trust" on Morgan, so she will pamper him and grant his every wish.

    b: 24-Jan-2003 pc: 155 w: Torian Hughes d: Bill Layton

    NOTE: Diana-Maria Riva, Andrew Walker, Bumper Robinson, John Ducey, and Nate Richert do not appear in this episode.

    154. Sabrina in Wonderland
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) David Monahan (Aaron's Friend) Anson Williams (Potsie) Donny Most (The White Rabbit)

    Sabrina casts a spell to uncover why she keeps running from an attractive guy she met at the office. But she ends up in Wonderland when her magic goes awry.

    b: 31-Jan-2003 pc: 153 w: Dan Berendsen d: Anson Williams

    NOTE: Anson Williams, who directed this and several other episodes of "Sabrina," played Potsie Webber on the 1974-1984 hit show, "Happy Days."
  • Diana-Maria Riva (Annie) does not appear in this episode.
  • Donny Most, who played the White Rabbit, also starred on "Happy Days" with Anson Williams. He played Ralph Malph, Potsie's best friend.
  • Both guest stars Dylan Neal and David Monohan are best known for their recurring roles on The WB's other hit show Dawson's Creek. Dylan played Pacey's brother Doug and David played Jack's boyfriend Toby.
  • Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) does not appear in this episode.

  • 155. Present Perfect
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Kato Kaelin (Instructor) Robertson Dean (General Custer) Shelley Malil (Surgeon)

    Sabrina tires of her clumsy ways so she uses her magic to make herself mistake-free, but the spell also turns her into a know-it-all and ends up jeopardizing her friendships. Meanwhile, Roxie and Morgan run into debt troubles after they use credit cards to pay their bills.

    b: 07-Feb-2003 pc: 154 w: Tirsh Baker d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: This marks the final appearance of the four co-workers for this show.
  • Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) does not appear in this episode.
  • In this episode, Sabrina quits her job at "Scorch," and becomes a free-lance writer.

  • 156. Cirque du Sabrina
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Peter Scolari (Ringmaster) Christine Van Loo (Acrobat) Albert Brown (Acrobat)

    Sabrina's bedroom is transformed into a circus, complete with a Russian Ringmaster sent to help her balance her out-of-control social life. Sabrina must walk the tightrope until she can find a way to juggle her time between her friends, her ex-boyfriend Harvey and her new boyfriend Aaron (Dylan Neal). In a surprise twist, Sabrina discovers that Harvey is still in love with her. Anson Williams directed the episode written by Suzane Gangursky.

    b: 14-Feb-2003 pc: 156 w: Suzanne Gangursky d: Anson Williams

    NOTE: Roles Not Yet Casted: Paw Pilot, Ringmaster
  • Despite quitting her job at Scorch magazine Sabrina can still be seen heading for the front door of the Scorch offices at the end of the opening titles.
  • A short clip of the first episode can be seen in this episode. Libby is in the clip, which is the first appearance of her since the third season.

  • 157. Getting To Nose You
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Sixpence None The Richer (Themselves) Melissa Joan Hart (Cyrano Sabrina)

    Sabrina gets tongue-tied every time she tries to tell Aaron (Dylan Neal) her feelings, so she uses her magic to become a smooth talker. Meanwhile, Harvey tells Roxie and Morgan that he still carries a torch for Sabrina.

    b: 21-Feb-2003 pc: 158 w: Adam Hamburger , David Hamburger d: Kenneth R. Koch

    158. Romance Looming
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Sophia Bush (Fate Mackenzie) Jennifer Hall (Fate Ashley) Christina Vidal (Fate Paris)

    When Sabrina saves Morgan from a deadly fall, she faces the wrath of the Fates, three goddesses who control people's lives. Also, Aaron shows his true feelings for Sabrina, but she suspects that the Fates are manipulating her future.

    b: 27-Feb-2003 pc: 157 w: Nancy Cohen d: Melissa Joan Hart

    NOTE: This is not the first time that Christina Vidal (Paris) and Melissa Joan Hart have worked together. Vidal previously played Taina Murales in the 2000-2002 Nickelodeon show, "Taina," and Melissa Joan Hart directed a few episodes of that show.
  • Beginning with this episode, "Sabrina" left the WB's Friday night lineup. It moved to its new timeslot at Thursday night at 8:00, where it faced strict competition against popular shows like NBC's "Friends," and CBS's "Survivor: The Amazon." Previous shows that aired in this Thursday timeslot on the WB got extremely poor ratings.
  • Aaron (Dylan Neal) and Sabrina get engaged in this episode.
  • Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) does not appear in this episode.

  • 159. Spellmanian Slip
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Faith Prince (Mrs. Jacobs) Robert Picardo (Mr. Jacobs) Terry Sweeney (Curator) Dylan Cash (Billy)

    Sabrina invites Aaron's parents to dinner and discovers that her fiancé has been keeping a big secret. As tensions mount among her bickering guests, she casts a harmony spell that yields unexpected results. Also unexpected is a revealing slip of the tongue made by Sabrina.

    b: 20-Mar-2003 pc: 159 w: Bill Rosenthal & Andrew Borakove d: Mark Cendrowski

    NOTE: This Episode is said to be a MUSICAL
  • This episode had the cast sing a song called "Harmony"

  • 160. You Slay Me
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Susan Yeagly (Cinderella) Tami Anderson () Trisha Hart () Kerry Sable () Stacey Ann Holleberg () Dylan Cash () Tami Anderson (Saleslady #1) Trisha Hart (Saleslady #2) Kerry Sable (Young Bride to Be) Stacey Ann Holleberg (Tan Woman) Tami Anderson (Saleslady #1) Trisha Hart (Saleslady #2) Kerry Sable (Young Bride To Be) Stacey Ann Hollenberg (Tan Woman)

    After attending a bridal fair, Sabrina decides she wants a "princess wedding" and contacts Cinderella for advice on planning the affair. Unfortunately, the witch goes overboard and begins behaving like a monster instead. Elsewhere, Roxie and Morgan reluctantly unite to plan Sabrina's bridal shower.

    b: 27-Mar-2003 pc: 160 w: Dan Kael d: Asaad Kelada

    NOTE: Roles Not Yet Cast: Bride-to-Be, Woman, Saleslady #1, Saleslady #2
  • this episode was said to be inspired by Melissa Joan Harts sister Trisha and she endend up guest starring as well.
  • In this episode, Sabrina decides that both Roxie and Morgan will be the Maids of Honor at her wedding.
  • Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) does not appear in this episode.

  • 161. A Fish Tale
    gs: Barbara Eden (Great Aunt Irma Spellman) Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Susan Slome () Britt Leary () Susan Slome (Betty) Britt Leary (Young Woman)

    Aunt Irma pays a surprise visit to Sabrina, who desperately tries to conceal the fact that she's marrying a mortal. Meanwhile, Roxie and Morgan search for a replacement roommate.

    b: 17-Apr-2003 pc: 161 w: Adam England d: Bill Layton

    NOTE: It was once rumored that Spongebob Squarepants would guest star in this episode.
  • The day after this episode originally aired (on April 18, 2003,) it was announced that the WB had canceled "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."
  • Barbara Eden makes her third (and final) appearance as Great Aunt Irma in this episode. She previously appeared in Season Six's "A Birthday Witch," and "The Arrangement."

  • 162. What a Witch Wants (1)
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) David Leisure (Purser/Bob Bermuda) Mario () Derek Baynham () Craig Young (Soccer Player #1) Ian Lyons ()

    Sabrina, Roxie, and Morgan take a cruise to celebrate Sabrina's engagement. The ship passes through the Bermuda Triangle, where witches lose their powers but can have wishes granted. But, why bother if you can get anything you want magically everywhere else in the world?

    b: 24-Apr-2003 pc: 162 w: Suzanne Gangursky d: Scott Marshall

    NOTE: Roles Not Yet Cast: Waiter, Soccer Player #2
  • Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) does not appear in this episode.
  • Some of this episodes plot parodies William Golding's classic novel: "Lord of the Flies". Morgan even mentions this at one point, but by saying Lord of the Dance.

  • 163. Soul Mates (2)
    gs: Dylan Neal (Aaron Jacobs) Caroline Rhea (Aunt Hilda) Alley Mills (Diana) Doug Sheehan (Edward Spellman) Emily Hart (Amanda) Faith Prince (Shirley) Robert Picardo (Bob) Patrick Kerr (Minister) Pattie Tierce (Doubt) Joe Howard () Patrick Kerr (Doubt)

    In the last ever episode, Sabrina gets cold feet before her wedding (Literally) As Sabrina tries to solve that problem guests start to arrive 3 of which are Amanda, Aunt Hilda and Diana Spellman. Also along with Hilda is an Unrecognisable Zelda in tow- A Candle.

    After Sabrina solves the cold feet, she then starts to fill with doubt about the wedding and nerves kick in, so Doubt him self decides to pay Sabrina a little visit. He gives her Aaron's soul rock and tells Sabrina if she wants to know if her and Aaron are meant to be together, she should go to the North Star and get her soul rock.

    With that Sabrina travels to the north star and collects her soul rock, only to find when putting hers and Aaron's together that they don't fit. Meanwhile Amanda perswades Harvey to come to the wedding.

    At the wedding chaple Sabrina tries to unite the Sould rocks together but with no luck. Guests start to get frustrated as the brides maid, Aaron and Sabrina's mother and Hilda go back to see what is going on. Morgan gives Sabrina an old bracelet for her something old, and a something blue- sorta, borrowed and something new. When the guests return to their places, Sabrina's dad arrives to the wedding. Sabrina then realises that the bracelet Morgan gave her is the one Harvey gave her 7 years ago.

    Sabrina calls for her mother and Hilda and explains to them that the two pieces didn't match but they asure her she should do what she feels like in her heart. When walking down the isle finally Sabrina starts to say her vows untill the "My true love" has to be said. Sabrina tells Aaron that she can't get married and Aaron says he just wants her to be happy. Sabrina runs out of the church only to find Harvey out side with his soul rock in hand. Sabrina runs towards Harvey and the two kiss and get on Harvey's bike. As the guests look on happy at the two Sabrina and Harvey throw their soul rocks backwards, and the two magicly fit together. Sabrina and Harvey smile and ride off where their future awaits.

    b: 24-Apr-2003 pc: 163 w: Dan Berendsen d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: This episode is labeled as the seventh season finale giving room for a possible next season. Although, the rate the fact that the show almost didn't have a full season doesn't give it a very good chance. It still is possible though since it's improvement in ratings on Thursdays.
  • The series is over but there is room for a movie with Sabrina and her soulmate on the road, getting reacquainted, possibly setting up a "Bewitched" style series in the future! Maybe if Melissa passes on that, her younger sister could take over the role in a few years with that kind of setting!
  • Was watched by 2.6 million viewers.
  • In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May, 2003, Melissa Joan Hart admitted that she did not allow her fiance, Mark Wilkerson, on the set of this episode. She said that it would have been too akward for her if her boyfriend was there while she filmed her kissing scenes with Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle.)
  • When Aunt Hilda enters Sabrina's bridal suite, she remarks that she can't believe Sabrina invited her Uncle Mortimer. Uncle Mortimer previously appeared in episode #54, "A Pom Pom Story."
  • Had the series gone on for an 8th Season, it would have been about Harvy and Sabrina's married life in a haunted house.
  • After 7 long years, this is the final ever episode.
  • Sabrina's final line was "And I think I just found mine" after she saw Harvey and was talking about, she found her Soul Mate- Her answer.
  • Edward Spellman has the last ever line on the show saying "Would you look at that, 12:36 on the dot" after Harevy and Sabrina kiss and get on the motor bike. 12:36 is the time Sabrina and Harvey first met, and the same time when they go back out as Soul Mates.
  • Sabrina realises that her True Love/Soul Mate was Harvey all along in this episode.
  • Morgan as she says to Sabrina "And I found this bracelet in your Jewellery box, so it's something old and stolen" The bracelet is the one Harvey had given her in 'As Westbridge Turns' This goes to show, that even after Sabrina and Harvey broke up, Sabrina still kept something that reminded her of him, implying she still had feelings for him.
  • The yong aunt zelba dosen't appear in this episode, i would have thought she would have. Instead she appears as a candle because hilda and zelda needed to trade somthing so sabrina's mom woldn't turn into a ball of wax and could see sabrina at here wedding
  • When there is along shot over the whole church and you see sabrina & her dad at the back you can see Miles ( from Sabrinas collage home) in the back row!
  • Was watched by 2.3 million viewers in the UK.
  • This is accually the second script written for this episode. In the first one, Sabrina graduates from College and Zilda, Amanda and Sabrina's mother come to watch, with Zelda as a book, Harvey also watches Sabrina graduate but doesn't go to the wedding, and bids his final good byes to her before the wedding. As Sabrina graduates she marrys Aaron later in the day, and when returning home with guests she packs her bags waiting to go to LA with Aaron. Her dad pays a visit to say goodbye, but just as Sabrina goes in the car to go to LA with Aaron, she notices a saddend Salem near the back door porch. She runs over to him to say good bye and all happy Sabrina's last line was going to be. "This is so cool! I'm going to go into the big wide world" and Salem was going to have the last line in the show saying "You have no idea" which is what he said as his first line in the show. Sabrina rushes off into the car and Aaron and Sabrina drive off. This was going to be a 1 hour final but got cut down to just half an hour resulting, in the script being written again, but with Sabrina not seen graduating, not marrying Aaron, last lines etc.
  • 12:36 Wasn't The time they met in that episode 12:36 is the Time that Harvey could get it engraved.
  • Sabrina and Salem (Nick Bakay (Voice)), are the only two cast members to appear in every singel episode. Or for Salem's case be a part of every singel episode.
  • Harvey & Hilda are the only characters besides Sabrina & Salem to appear in every season.
  • Despite this being the very last episode, Beth Broderick (Zelda) doesn't actually appear.

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