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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 5
98. Every Witch Way but Loose
gs: Dan Gilvezan (Dr. Mitchfield) Cathy Herd (Sheila) Essence Atkins (Marnie (uncredited))

In the fifth season premiere (the first on the WB), worrywarts Hilda and Zelda grapple with freshman Sabrina's decision to fly the nest and live at college, where their niece has issues with her new roommates Roxie, Morgan and Miles. Trying to get over her first love, Harvey, Sabrina decides to make some big changes in her life, starting with attending college and living away from home like a normal freshman-but she soon discovers a normal freshman doesn't have life so easy.

b: 22-Sep-00 pc: 098 w: Bruce Ferber & Marley Sims d: Anson Williams

NOTE: interesting note is that Soliel Moon Frye and Melissa Joan Hart both tried out for hte role of Ounky Brewster. Soliel won the role.

99. Double Time
gs: Barry Livingston (Professor) Shakiem Evans (Student) Garman Hertzler (Plato)

In an attempt to juggle her hectic academic and social calendars, Sabrina casts a too good to be true speed spell so she can fly faster than time. Meanwhile, Zelda accepts a position as associate professor at the college, much to the chagrin of her independently minded niece.

b: 29-Sep-00 pc: 099 w: Dan Berendsen d: Jeff Melman

100. Heart of the Matter
gs: Roger Lodge (Himself) Brian Gross (Joe) Josh Blake (Pete) Mark Rickard (Bob) Chris Emerson (Adam) Joe Medalis (Justice of Peace) Donnell Keith (Customer #1) John O'Brien (Customer #2)

When Sabrina realizes she has been turning down guys left and right since her breakup with Harvey, she casts a spell ensuring that she'll say "yes" every time she's asked out. Meanwhile, Hilda takes over ownership of the coffee house, but her people skills are scaring the customers away. Also, Miles develops a student-teacher crush on Zelda and Josh shocks Sabrina by taking Morgan out on a date.

b: 06-Oct-00 pc: 100 w: Suzanne Gangursky d: Andrew Tsao

101. You Can't Twin
gs: Charles Shaughnessy (Alec) Kelly McNair (Ramona) Kal Penn (Prajeeb) Jody Wood (Inspector) Corey Pepper (Meteor Man) Matt Boren (Lance) Melissa Joan Hart (Katrina) Beth Broderick (Jezabelda)

While attending an Other Realm amusement park, Sabrina runs into her shifty evil twin, Katrina, who's set on sabotaging Sabrina's life.

b: 13-Oct-00 pc: 101 w: Ruth Bennett d: Kenneth R. Koch

NOTE: Sabrina's evil twin Katrina returns from " The Good, The Bad, And The Luau".

102. House of Pi's
gs: Natalia Cigliuti (Mindy) Keri Lynn Pratt (Lynn) Mark L. Taylor (Professor Hopkins) Ernie G. (Balloon Guy) Emy Coligado (Felice) Tara Buck (Nancy) Tressa Pope (Gloria) Brett Beardslee (Guitarist)

Sabrina and Roxie are teamed together to write a story in an effort to land a coveted spot on the school newspaper. As they both search for a story that is provocative and compelling, they come up with the idea to go undercover as rushees for Morgan's sorority, Mu Pi. But Sabrina has second thoughts on the sorority expose when she learns it could land Morgan and her sorority sisters in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, Hilda refuses to give Salem a spot in her Friday night showcase, so he turns on her by becoming a talent agent handling performers from the Other Realm.

b: 20-Oct-00 pc: 102 w: Laurie Gelman d: Andrew Tsao

NOTE: Josh and Miles do not appear in this episode.

103. The Halloween Scene
gs: Tisha Campbell (Joyce) Douglas Tait (Frankenstein) Jason Craae (Nigel) Lisa Kaminir (Bride of Frankenstein) Hunter Garner (Ghoul #1) Robert Lind (Ghoul #2) Peter Spruyt (Ghoul #3) Van Epperson (Janitor) Charlie Weirauch (Guy in Coffee Shop) Delaina Mitchell (Muffy)

After she learns Hilda and Zelda won't be home for Halloween, Sabrina decides to throw a party at their place- and soon regrets the decision when she must repair the love of two monsters Frankenstein & Bride of Frankenstein when Roxie get's in the way of their meaningful relationship. Meanwhile Salem stalks a college girl and Hilda Zelda's outfits may not seem to be all that for the galaxy opening.

b: 27-Oct-00 pc: 103 w: Jon Vandergriff d: Melissa Joan Hart

NOTE: This episode is used to celebrate the series' 100th episode.

104. Welcome, Traveler
gs: Michael Beardsley (Cult Member) Michael Caldwell (Caterer) Geoffrey Gould (Cult Member) Leslie Jordan (Chuck) Richard Kline (Jim- Thom) Jerry Sroka (Prof. Burke) Gedde Watanabe (Kenji) Danni Wheller (Heather) Dave Engfer (Jason)

When Sabrina tries to pull Miles away from his latest conspiracy theory and into some semblance of a social life, she unknowingly pushes him right into the hands of a cult whose eccentirc leader claims to be a witch.

b: 03-Nov-00 pc: 104 w: Adam England d: Brian K. Roberts

NOTE: Hilda, Josh, and Morgan do not appear in this episode.

105. Some of My Best Friends are Half-Mortals
gs: Debra Engel (Mrs. Axelrod) Greg Fitzpatrick (Bartender) David Garrison (Mr. Axelrod) Bryan Kirkwood (Derek) Ric Sarabia (Green Creature) Adam Vernier (Creature #2)

Tired of hiding her true identity when dating normal guys, Sabrina agrees to be fixed up by Zelda with a handsome and charming withc Derek, but the budding romance is dashed when she encounters racism over the fact that she is half-mortal.

b: 10-Nov-00 pc: 106 w: Barry Vigon & Tom Walla d: Joyce Gittlin

NOTE: Roxie, Miles, and Morgan do not appear in this episode.

106. Lost at 'C'
gs: David Starzyk (Proffesor Carlin) Tim Haldeman (Professor) Hiram Kasten (Lou Packard)

Sabrina is distraught when she receives her first "C" ever on a class assignment and turns to Zelda for counseling, but Zelda ends up conducting her own private tutoring session with Sabrina's handsome professor.

b: 17-Nov-00 pc: 105 w: Adam England d: Brian K. Roberts

NOTE: Hilda, Josh, and Morgan do not appear in this episode.

107. Sabrina's Perfect Christmas
gs: Molly Cheek (Mrs. Cavanaugh) Arturo Gil (Male Elf) Tom Virtue (Mr. Cavanaugh) Craig Zimmerman (Skip)

Sabrina opts to spend a picture-perfect Christmas with Morgan and her family rather than endure the annual insanity with Hilda and Zelda, but soon discovers the ugly secrets under that flawless facade.

b: 15-Dec-00 pc: 107 w: Jon Vandergriff d: Anson Williams

NOTE: Josh does not appear in this episode.

108. My Best Shot
gs: Morgan Brittany (Mrs. Scott) Danny Goldman (Director) Mari Weiss (Customer #1) Neal Matarazzo (Customer #2) John C. Mooney (Customer #3) Todd Eckert (Customer #4) Stephon Fuller (Guy #1) Stephon Fuller (Customer) Devlin Elliot (Guy #2) Lisa Poff (Girl) Elayn Taylor (Casting Director)

Sabrina tries to give Josh a little confidence booster in his new passion to be a photographer, but her simple spell to help him make his first sale leads to his getting a big head and walking out on his job at the coffeehouse.

b: 12-Jan-01 pc: 108 w: Suzanne Gangursky d: Melissa Joan Hart

NOTE: Roxie and Morgan do not appear in this episode.
  • From this episode to the end of the season Melissa has red hair.

  • 109. Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock
    gs: Len Lesser (Eugene) Holly Maples (Sally) Mark Lonow (Dr. Braverman) Louan Gideon (Eleanor) Leslie Sacks (Roz) Larry Dorf (George) Susanne Wright (Cashier) Zack Phifer (Judge) Julie Satterfield (Receptionist)

    A visit from old friends who are now parents sets Hilda's very literal biological clock running at an alarming speed.

    b: 19-Jan-01 pc: 109 w: Laurie Gelman d: Amanda Bearse

    NOTE: Roxie, Miles, and Morgan do not appear in this episode.

    110. Sabrina's New Roommate
    gs: Jay Bontaibus (Vic) Mike Grief (Michaelangelo)

    When Sabrina reluctantly takes in Zelda for a few days while Hilda's on a home remodeling binge, Sabrina and her roommates try to loosen up the tightly wound Zelda.

    b: 26-Jan-01 pc: 110 w: Ruth Bennett d: Brian K. Roberts

    111. Making the Grade
    gs: Mark Chaet (Prof. Dillard) Allen Williams (I) (Prof. Klaveman) Howard Mann (Artie, the Profit Prophet) Patrick Cronin (Wayne) Elizabeth Hart (Female Student #1)

    Sabrina tries to right a wrong when she writes an article for the school paper exposing the preferential treatment given to school athletes.

    b: 02-Feb-01 pc: 111 w: Laurie Gelman d: Beth Broderick

    112. Love Is A Many Complicated Thing
    gs: Matt McCoy (Calvin) Michael Trucco (Kevin)

    While on a Valentine's Day double date, Josh surprises Sabrina by telling her he's breaking up with Morgan, who's oblivious to the fact.

    b: 09-Feb-01 pc: 112 w: Dan Berendsen d: Joyce Gittlin

    113. Sabrina, The Muse
    gs: Michael Trucco (Kevin) Estelle Harris (Dora)

    Sabrina is flattered when her new boyfriend writes music about his feelings for her, but the pressure to inspire as his muse becomes a one-sided relationship.

    b: 16-Feb-01 pc: 113 w: Suzanne Gangursky d: Anson Williams

    114. Beach Blanket Bizarro
    gs: Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) Frankie Avalon (Himself) Aaron Carter (Himself) Michael Trucco (Kevin) Nathan Anderson (Tad) Bryan Cuprill (Beachdoggie) Chasen Hampton (Birdbrain) Joey Hader (Desk Clerk) Chris Woolsey (Guy #1) Amy Lucas (Girl #1) Margaret Emery (Zinc Oxide Girl)

    Sabrina's wild vision of her first college spring break turn squeaky-clean when her aunts ask '60s teen idol Frankie Avalon to put a spell on the trip that sets Sabrina and her friends in a world straight out of a '60s beach movie.

    b: 23-Mar-01 pc: 114 w: Barry Vigon & Tom Walla d: Anson Williams

    NOTE: Sabrina's long-time high school boyfriend, Harvey, appears briefly in this episode.
  • Beth Broderick (Sabrina's Aunt Zelda) also starred in a feature length film spoofing 60's beach movies called Psycho Beach Party. The film co-stars Buffy's Nicholas Brendon and Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose.

  • 115. Witchright Hall
    gs: Charles Shaughnessy (James Hexton) Emily Hart (Amanda) Jane Sibbett (Robin Davis) Blake Clark (Phil) Charmaine Degrate () Thad Luckinbill (Sean Hexton) Jon Ames (Sam) Jerry Lambert (Mr. McBride) Steven Barr (Mr. Martin) Richard Steven Horvitz (Duck Head (vocie--asRichard S. Horvitz)) Kyle Brent Gibson (Chuck) Agatha Drake (Tiffany)

    Sabrina's heck-raising cousin Amanda is sent to live in the Mortal Realm for a year. Rather than have her stay at the Spellmans', though, Hilda and Zelda arrange for Sabrina to help get Amanda into a special school called Witchright Hall for maladjusted young witches.

    b: 06-Apr-01 pc: 115 w: Bruce Ferber & Marley Sims d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: Josh, Roxie, Miles, and Morgan do not appear in this episode.
  • This is a pilot for the series "Witchright Hall" starring Emily Hart, Melissa's sister. Most of the guest stars are going going to be regulars which explains why almost everyone is credited as also starring.
  • In a second attempt at a spin off, The producers made this episode as the pilot series for "Witchright Hall" for the WB stated for Fall 2001, which all the guest stars would most likely been regulars; Reportedly, they gave their time slot to freshman series "Maybe It's Me" and now is attempting to make another spin off reportedly with a talking dog, which also appears in this episode.

  • 116. Sabrina, the Activist
    gs: Peggy Miley (Mrs. Smiley) Mark Sivertsen (Chuck) Steven Anderson (Dean Pitchford) Valente Rodriguez (Gustavo) Teddy Lane Jr. (Police Officer) Mindy Burbano (Mindy)

    Bottling up her feelings of stress about schoolwrok, Sabrina gets involved in a protest to save a historical building but Salem, who is suffering from a crisis, makes Sabrina's protest yesterday's news. Meanwhile, Josh thinks twice about his relationship with Morgan when he strikes up a close friendship with Sabrina.

    b: 27-Apr-01 pc: 116 w: Dan Berendsen d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: Hilda does not appear in this episode.

    117. Do You See What I See?
    gs: Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) Patricia Belcher (Prof. Hutchins) Larry Poindexter (Elliot) Phil Nee (Mr. Willoughby) Kevin Mockrin (Student #1) Annalea Rawicz (Student #2)

    Paranormal-studies major Miles spots a flying car and gives a class presentation on it, but the students are less than thrilled with his UFO sighting.

    b: 04-May-01 pc: 117 w: Jon Vandergriff d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: Morgan does not appear in this episode.

    118. Sabrina's Got Spirit
    gs: Alan Blumenfeld (Marv) Shirley Prestia (Betty) Eamonn Roche (Gary) Devlin Elliott (Garth)

    Miles brings a paranormal-energy detector into the house so that he can identify spirits, and it goes berserk near Sabrina.

    b: 11-May-01 pc: 118 w: Dan Kael & Grant Nieporte d: Kenneth R. Koch

    NOTE: Hilda and Zelda do not appear in this episode.

    119. Finally!
    gs: Heather Young (Cute Girl) Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle) Terry Rhoads (Zack) Judy Kain (Doris) Tom LaGrua (Harry) Ana Maria Lombo (Pop Star #1) Maile Misajon (Pop Star #2) Nicole Scherzinger (Pop Star #3) Ivette Sosa (Pop Star #4) Rosanna Tavarez (Pop Star #5) Jessica Stier (Pam) J. Anthony McCarthy (Snake) Angelo Spizzirri (Steve) Megahn Perry (Erica) Tangee (Myoshi) Nakia Burrise (Female Patron [ as Nakia Ra'Shay Burrise ])

    Music group Eden's Crush performs in the lighthearted comedy's fifth season finale, which finds Sabrina and Josh hosting a singles night at the coffee house. The idea is hatched when Sabrina realizes that many people who come to the cafe look lonely, and before the witch can say hocus-pocus, she and Josh have planned the event. But things go haywire when Josh's friend stands up Roxie, triggering an argument between Josh and Sabrina.

    b: 18-May-01 pc: 119 w: Adam England d: Brian K. Roberts

    NOTE: Morgan does not appear in this episode.
  • The singing group Eden's Crush is referred to as "the Pop Stars" in both the show's dialog and the credits.

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