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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Season 1

Sabrina has recently moved to a new town to live with her two rather eccentric aunts, and has started at a new school. She thinks it's a touch odd when their birthday present to her is a black pot. Returning from school, she finds they have set up a private party for her at which point they give her an old book. When she finds out that her father lives in the book, that she's a witch, and that the cat can talk, it all becomes a bit much for her. When things go wrong at school, she decides to ask the Witches Council to allow her to turn back time so she can live the terrible first day over again.

Episode: 1.1
Guest Stars: Penn & Teller and Deborah Harry as the Witches Council

Bundt Friday
Sabrina is getting concerned about lies that Libby and her friends are spreading around the school about herself and Jenny and decides to use her magic to remedy matters. She does this by using some "truth sprinkles" from the closet of witches potions. Unfortunately the sprinkles are rather too good and all to soon rather too many home truths are coming out...

Episode: 1.2

The True Adventures Of Rudy Kazootie
When Sabrina is disappointed with a pair of rollerblades she made by magic, she is pursuaded to look for a job. She soon finds one babysitting and even turns it to her advantage when she agrees to meet up with Harvey for a study date. Unfortunately this apparently agreeable situation doesn't last for long when she accidentally turns the little baby into an adult with a spell she doesn't even realise she cast. She then has to seek help without altering anyone else to the problem...

Episode: 1.3
Guest Star: Randy Travis as himself

Terrrrible Things
Salem acuses Sabrina of being selfish and she resolves to use her powers to do three good things. Both Salem and her aunts warn her of the Terrrrible consequences of interfering with mortals lives, but she ignores them. First up, she arranges for Jenny to win the election for class president. Next she causes a minor accident to happen to Harvey's competition for a place in the football team so that he gets selected. Finally, when Mr Pool complains about being poor, she gives him the secret of changing lead into gold. Pretty soon however the gifts turn sour - Jenny discovers that she can't make a real difference, Harvey gets crushed in the football game, and then Sabrina gets summoned before the Witches Council...

Episode: 1.4
Guest Star: Penn Jillette as Drell

A Halloween Story
It's Halloween Eve and Sabrina is invited to Harvey's party. Unfortunately, Zelda plans to make Sabrina come with them to a family do. Salem suggests that Sabrina make a clone of herself, and sends her clone to Harvey's party until she gets there. Sabrina suggests sending the clone to the family party, but Salem councils her that her aunts are more likely to notice because the clones can only use three phrases. Hilda also makes a copy of her self, and Zelda twigs immediately. The party starts out being pure hell when Sabrina is sat next to an extremely spoiled cousin who puts everyone she doesn't like into a small glass jar. Things improve considerably when Sabrina is given a re-animation gift card and has to decide on a dead person she'd really like to meet. Unfortunately, Libby is leading her clone astray at the party...

Episode: 1.5

Dream Date
With a bit of help from Jenny, Sabrina manages to ask Harvey whether he's going to the dance. When he says he isn't planning to, Sabrina is a bit disappointed; when Libby asks him and he says yes, she gets rather upset. Harvey confesses to Sabrina that he has difficulty saying "no". Relating the sorry tale to her aunts, they decide to bake her a dream date to go to the dance with out of "Man Dough"... She's really rather impressed with the results and decides to go after all. Things go extremely well at the party until Sabrina notices Harvey, who's having a really rotten time. Meanwhile, the two aunts are cooking up their own dates out of Man Dough; unfortunately it doesn't go so well, particularly for Hilda who accidentally uses ingredients which are well past their best before date... her date ends up as a self-centered sports freak with no saving graces at all.

Episode: 1.6
Guest Star: Brian Austin Green as The Dream Date

3rd Aunt From The Sun
When Mr Pool is suddenly taken ill, a substitute teacher steps in who seems to have very little idea of what to teach or how. It seems odd until Sabrina is told to stay behind and discovers that the supply teacher is really another of her aunts, Vesta. After a shopping trip to Paris, France, they return home to a chorus of disapproval from Hilda and Zelda. However it transpires that both Hilda and Zelda have arrangements for the weekend, and in the end agree that Sabrina should spend the weekend with Vesta. Vesta takes Sabrina to "The Pleasure Dome" where she lives, and introduces her to the many and various pleasures it has to offer. Hilda and Zelda realise that they've been set up and try to pursuade Sabrina to return home, but she's rather taken with the life of luxury and decides to stay. Hilda and Zelda return home and wonder how to get Sabrina to come back...

Episode: 1.7
Guest Star: Racquel Welch as Vesta

Magic Joel
Sabrina takes a job as the assistant to a classmate who is trying to build a career as a magician. At first his tricks seem tollerably good and he's booked to perform in the high school cafeteria. Unfortunately the pressure gets to him and the public performance is a disaster, and in the end Sabrina uses her magic to make him invisible so that at least the final trick of their set works. He runs off while still invisible and starts causing all kinds of trouble, leading Sabrina to have to try and hunt him down with some visibility power. The problem is that he really doesn't want to be caught...

Episode: 1.8

Geek Like Me
Sabrina sees Libby tormenting a Geek and decides to try and pursuade her that its not a good idea. At the same time, Sabrina decides she wants to join the Science Club, much to the amazement of Jenny and Harvey who think it's extremely "uncool". Sabrina finally uses her magic to strip Libby of her poise and makes her into a Geek. At first it seems to be working, until Libby takes over the science club and turns them against Sabrina.

Episode: 1.9

Sweet & Sour Victory
Sabrina decides to enroll in the Kung Fu class after discovering that she's really useless at badminton; when she discovers that it's run by Mr Pool, she's really pleased. After a few bad throws, she decides to use her magic to give herself master level Kung Fu skills. Mr Pool is amazed and immediately enters her for a contest which she proceeds to win, again with the aid of her magic. However, when she gets her trophy home and it starts tormenting her about cheating, she discovers that things aren't quite as easy as that.

Episode: 1.10
Guest Star: Cary Tagawa (Zyllyn from Space Rangers) as Tai Twai Kei.

A Girl and Her Cat
It's Christmas Eve and Salem is getting distinctly stir crazy; when Sabrina finds that he's clawed her favourite Christmas jumper to shreds, she gets very upset with him. Sabrina decides to go off and meet up with Harvey at the slicery, and Salem stows away in her shoulder bag. When he emerges and starts chasing a mouse, Sabrina and Salem are ejected from the premises via the back entrance. Sabrina is furious and leaves Salem in a dustbin in the alley and goes home. After a while Sabrina starts to get worried when Salem doesn't return home; meantime Salem has been knocked over and then kidnapped by a small kid on a bicycle. Salem manages to make a phone call to tell them that he's been kidnapped but he's unable to tell them exactly where he is, so they set off on a door to door search for him.

Episode: 1.11
Guest Stars: Coolio as himself and Joe O'Connor (Marshall from CEIA) as Joe

Trial By Fury
When Sabrina asks a question of her math teacher and admits that she didn't understand one of the things he was teaching about, he decides to spring a test on the entire class and tells them to blame Sabrina for it. She goes home and brews up a spell to make his backside grow to ridiculous proportions, at which point Zelda comes in and tries to pursuade her it's not as bad as that. Zelda offers to go and talk to the teacher and when he humilitates her too, she comes back and joins Sabrina in cooking up a revenge potion. Hilda then comes onto the scene and decides to try her hand at sorting this out and comes back annoyed too. Pretty soon all three of them are gathered around a really large cauldron in full witches garb working on a really strong revenge potion. The following day Sabrina goes into class and is amused to find that the teacher isn't in and a little disappointed when he does turn up having been delayed by being given a speeding ticket. When Zelda decides to bring a witches judge to the court, it begins to look as if the tables will be turned on the cruel and bitter math teacher.

Episode: 1.12
Guest Stars: Kathy Ireland, Ed Begley Jr.

Jenny's Non-Dream
After a thoroughly enjoyable sleep-over at Jenny's house, Sabrina begins to fell obliged to invite Jenny round but is terrified of her finding out just how abnormal her home life is. Hilda and Zelda promise to act normally, and Sabrina agrees to give it a try. Things however take a turn for the worse when just before Jenny arrives, a repair man turns up to repair the clothes dryer. Of course it's no ordinary clothes dryer and the repair man has a large bushy tail. When a lint gremlin escapes from the dryer and starts running around the house chased by the repair man, Sabrina starts to panic. At that very moment, Jenny arrives. Hilda has true to form gone rather over-the-top with her costume and hairstyle which is preposterously out of date. Sabrina gives her a list of acceptable topics for discussion over dinner, and Hilda takes a delight in discussing the first of them, towels, ad absurdum. A bit later on Jenny heads off in search of a towel in the linen closet and ends up getting whisked to the Other Realm where she meets Drell. When Drell discovers she's a mortal, he turns her into a grasshopper. When Sabrina follows her in, Drell gives her the grasshopper in a jar. Given a hint to look for loopholes in the rules by the rules reader, Sabrina tries to convince Jenny that she was dreaming so that she can return to the normal world.

Episode: 1.13
Guest Stars: Penn & Teller as The Witches Council

Sabrina Through The Looking Glass
Sabrina looks in the mirror and discovers that she's got her first wart, an occupational hazard of being a witch. And it's a big one, right on her forehead. She relucantly agrees to go to school when her aunts suggest she wears a baseball cap to cover up the wart. Then she drops her school project damaging it beyond repair. Things proceed to go from bad to worse when her locker won't open. Eventually things snap when Libby steals her baseball cap and the wart is revealed, and Sabrina turns Libby into a goat and storms off home. Once home she goes to her room and comiserates with her alter ego in the mirror. When her alter ego invites her to come through for quiet reflection she passes through the mirror into an alternative mirror world, and finds herself trapped there. She then discovers that in order to escape, she must go round and undo all of the bad things that her temper caused to happen to the people arround her. She deals with the obvious ones but soon discovers that the ripple effects had spread much further than she imagined and she has to undo those too.

Episode: 1.14

Hilda and Zelda: The Teenage Years
Sabrina hatches a plan to go to Boston with Harvey and Jenny to attend a signing of records by one of her favourite bands, the Violent Femmes. Unfortunately her aunts aren't too keen on the idea and are about to stop her going, when they hit on the idea of disguising themselves as teenagers. Posing as her cousins from out of time they head off for Boston in Harvey's car with Gordi, and Libby also in tow. Once they get into the queue for signing, things start going wrong when Hilda gets arrested for trying to bribe a policeman and Gordi falls for Zelda. In the end it's down to Sabrina to sort out the mess!

Episode: 1.15

Mars Attracts
Somewhat to her annoyance, Sabrina's aunts arrange a skiing trip although in typical style they choose a somewhat unusual venue - Mars! At first lovesick for Harvey, Sabrina cheers up when she meets a really cool ski instructor. Meanwhile Hilda starts a romance with a man who claims to be a spy, although no one believes him.

Episode: 1.16

First Kiss
Sabrina decides to finally show Harvey how much she cares for him and invites him in; she's about to kiss him when Salem interupts her when he sees sparks flying between them. Sabrina then learns that if she kisses Harvey there is a chance that he'll turn into a frog, she tries very hard to play the Just Good Friends role. Eventually she decides to throw caution to the wind and kisses him anyway - he turns into a frog. Desperate and distraught, she and her aunts go to the other realm to take the test of true love to try and get him back. Sabrina takes the test and passes each of the rounds, encouraging Hilda to take the same test to see if she's still in love with Drell. As it turns out, Hilda isn't really still in love with Drell, but Sabrina passes all the tests and gets Harvey back but only at the cost of kissing him when he's in frog form.

Episode: 1.17

Sweet Charity
In a bid to do good works, Jenny starts an adopt-a-grandparent scheme but it falls very flat when no one but she, Sabrina and Harvey sign up for it. During a visit from the school paper's photographer, Sabrina decides to pretend to be Libby in order to give the project a bit of "street cred". When the real Libby turns up, the stage is set for a comedy of confusion and double trouble...

Episode: 1.18

Cat Showdown
Sabrina and Salem are both in desperate need of money and look through the paper for an opportunity to make some. When they discover that there's $500 to be won in a cat show, they decide to enter. Arriving in Boston for the show, they discover a web of intrigue, giant-sized egos and really catty behaviour. Discovering that the cat show judge, a respected media figure, is being blackmailed Sabrina sets out to find out who it is. She gets herself into trouble when she turns herself into a cat to avoid suspicion and then gets trapped in a room she shouldn't be in.

Episode: 1.19

Meeting Dad's Girlfriend
When her father arranges to visit from the book, Sabrina is overjoyed and arranges to go out with him and Harvey. However shortly after he arrives in person, a voice calls out from the book and his girlfriend Gail appears. Pretty soon Sabrina is jealous of her and the fact that her presence finally puts an end to Sabrina's hopes of her mother and father getting back together again. When she accidentally causes a fracas between her dad and his girlfriend, Sabrina decides to set off to find her and bring Gail back to her father.

Episode: 1.20
Note: Charlene Fernetz played Zelda in the Showtime TV movie of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

As Westbridge Turns
When Sabrina becomes bored with high-school life, she decides to cast a spell to turn up the excitement level. However, she soon discovers that living in a soap opera world can be quite complicated.

Episode: 1.21

The Great Mistake
When Sabrina gets caught after sneaking out of the house to fly to a rock concert, she shrinks to miniature size as a result of feeling guilty for disobeying her aunts.

Episode: 1.22

The Crucible
On a field trip to historic Salem, Sabrina and her classmates learn a lesson about persecution through their reenactment of the witch trials.

Episode: 1.23

The Troll Bride (Season Finale)
In the midst of finals, Sabrina finds herself held hostage by a magical troll (Phil Fondacaro), whom she accidentally agreed to marry. In the end, it's up to Harvey to save the day.

Episode: 1.24

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