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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - Characters

Sabrina has a lot of relations and meets a number of new friends as she grows up. Here are information on some of them:

  • Sabrina Spellman
    At the age of 16, Sabrina attained her witch powers. Her mother is mortal and her father is a witch. She's only able to see her mother when she doesn't have magic. If she sees her mother while she has magic, her mother will turn into a ball of wax. insert season 1-5 stuff here. Soon after Sabrina's 18th birthday, she begins her new life at John Adams College. She gets her first taste of independence and the responsibility of being on her own. She is also faced with all of the challenges of young adulthood. She's an excellent student and excels in most areas in her life. Sabrina tends to get into normal teenage trouble when she goes against the advice of her aunts, but she learns her lesson every time.
  • Zelda Spellman
    Zelda is a scientist. She works diligently to discover things that will benefit mankind. She is Hilda's older sister. After Sabrina moves away to college, Zelda, determined to remain in her niece's life, takes a position as a professor at John Adams College. She can be stern and strict with both Sabrina and Hilda, but she's always looking after their best interests.
  • Hilda Spellman
    As with Zelda, Hilda also wants to remain close to Sabrina when she moves away, so she buys the coffeehouse where Sabrina works part-time. Hilda played the violin for centuries, but tired of it. Hilda's age has not affected her childlike essence. Though it often gets her into trouble, Hilda's carefree attitude gives Sabrina a nice balance between her two aunts.
  • Salem Saberhagen
    Salem was a witch who was sentenced to a hundred years as a cat when his plan for world domination was exposed. He divides his time between living at the college and staying with the aunts. Salem is self-centered, mischievous, and always hungry. Regardless of his shortcomings, he still remains lovable and tends to help Sabrina when she's caught in a jam, although his help can sometimes cause more problems than it solves!
  • Josh
    Josh is a pre-law student at nearby Emerson College. He hired Sabrina to work for him at the neighborhood coffeehouse. He would like to be romantically involved with Sabrina but she, however, is fearful that her otherworldly powers will get in the way of a meaningful relationship.
  • Roxie
    Roxie's an attractive, intelligent freshman on academic scholarship at Adams College. Born and raised in a tough neighborhood, she had to fight to keep what belonged to her. But beneath Roxie's rough exterior is a self-effacing, vulnerable young lady with a wry sense of humour. Roxie respects anyone willing and brave enough to stand up to her, and is fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to be called her friend.
  • Miles
    Miles is a freshman interested in the world of the unknown. His passions are paranormal activity and extraterrestrials. But Miles isn't your standard Trekkie-type. He was an all-state high school soccer player, and was heavily recruited by the college. Despite his openmind and sensitivity to what's "out there," Miles is oblivious to the fact that his roommate is a witch.
  • Morgan
    A 21-year-old junior, Morgan lives in and supervises the university-owned house where Sabrina, Roxie, and Miles share living quarters. To Morgan, however, supervising means making sure that her residents' kitchen is stocked with food for her to "borrow," and that Sabrina's closet always has something cute for her to commandeer and wear to one of the many college parties she has lined up each evening.
TO DO: Add information about season 1-4 characters (eg, Harvey, Libby, Jenny)

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