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Fact Files - The Maxim Article from 1999

Many of you have probably heard about the infamous Maxim article, but for the unfortunate few who haven't, Melissa did a spread for the men's magazine, Maxim, and oh baby, they are *very hot* pics. Melissa did a spread, where in half of the photos, the only thing covering Melissa's body was a thin sheet of blanket, while others having a bra which was almost off, and so on... Mmmmm.... The article is just as provocative...

You first spotted Sabrina, The Teenage Witch that Friday night you were stuck at home on the couch with double pneumonia. Soon you were finding lame excuses to check out the kiddie show's spellbinding star, 23-year-old Melissa Joan Hart, every weekend (even if you did want to take a nail gun to that damn talking cat). This month Melissa is raising the stakes with her first big-screen starring role, in the film Drive Me Crazy, and she's itching for the world to realise that she's not quite as innocent as her bewitching alter ego. She got a good start by showing up at the Maxim photo shoot shortly after she'd closed down an all-night pyjama party--looking like a million bucks and ready to talk about tequila shots, pick-up lines, and the devil inside. Now, that's a kind of magic.

So, are you a good witch or a bad witch?

That's a tough one. Of course, Sabrina's a good witch, but Melissa I'm not so sure about. Depends on the day, the minute...and my mood.

Ever been tempted to explore the dark arts yourself?

Sure. Witchcraft is really interesting. The power of the mind working with the power of nature. I did The Crucible onstage when I was younger, and I was like, I can go out in the woods, dance naked, and make it rain!

The show is aimed at teen girls, but you have plenty of male fans, too. What's the deal?

I think it's like a cult thing--older single men and teenage boys watching a cool, hip young girl. Also, college kids watch it and play drinking games before they go out on Friday night.

What's your favourite Sabrina drinking game?

Whenever the cat talks, take a shot. And that's quite often - you can be pretty wasted after half an hour! I get letters from older male fans in jail, too.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, yeah. A lot of them are really nice. I guess the prisoners are rehabilitated and just writing nice fan letters to a little blonde girl on TV.

Sure they are. Not including ex-cons, do guys hit on you because you play a teenager?

I think if anything, it dissuades them, because they think I am a teenager. I usually get guys who are younger or older. There are some older men who are kinda like, "Ahhh, young meat!"

You were out till 5 A.M. at a lingerie party before the photo shoot. How do you look so...fresh?

[Laughs] I drank a lot of water. And I slept while they were doing my hair. I swear I'm narcoleptic. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

Well, you've been in front of the camera all your life. Do any of the TV commercials you did growing up make you cringe?

Well, there's the topless one. I was four, and it was for bathtub toys, but even then I was mortified, l remember thinking, Oh, no, everybody's gonna see my nipples!

This issue features an article on how women scheme to change men. If there was one thing you could change about all men, what would it be?

There are so many. Where do I start?


I'd make men less flirty. Girls can be flirts, too, but guys are more dangerous. When a woman flirts, she'll let you know if she's serious or not - with men you never know which way to take it.

So what attracts you in a guy?

These days I'm looking for so much, I thought I was just looking for someone who's sweet. Then I realised it's hard to find a sweet guy who's also smart. Then I realised it's hard to find a smart guy who wants to have fun. So you're choosing between a sweet guy who doesn't have much to say, a smart guy who never wants to go out, or someone who wants to party all the time but can't handle a serious conversation. So I guess I'm looking for someone who's sweet and smart and fun. And has a cam, or. And calls you back. Because if always ends up that the guys you like won't call, and the guys you don't like won't stop calling.

How do you get the guy? You don't like to stop?

Uh, I don't call back. Or I just give them my e-mail address.

What are your best pick-up lines when you meet a guy?

Sometimes I'll just check someone out from across the room and see if they'll come over. If I can't live without saying something, I'll walk right up and say, "Where do I know you from?"

What's the proper number of dates before jumping someone's bones?

It depends on flow comfortable you are with the person. I almost slept with my ex-boyfriend on the first night. We didn't have sex, but almost. And we ended up together for four years.

What's the difference between everyday sex and great sex?

The amount of energy that's put into the act. The enthusiasm behind it. Is it just to get off, or is it to have fun?

We'll settle for either option. What part of your body do you most like to be kissed?

The back of my neck, which is, maybe why I got my tattoo there. I think that's just really erotic.

Can we see?


It's a cross. Does that have any special significance?

Just that it's something I really believe in. It's not that I'm really religious. I guess I could say that it's to keep the devil from entering my soul. Because that's where the devil is supposed to take over your soul - right at the bottom of your head.

He aims lower in our case. You've got a pierced navel, too. Is body modification a turn-on?

It may be a tough thing, like "Look how many times I went through that pain." You can get addicted to tattoos and piercing, but I'm over it now. Actually, I have been thinking about getting another tattoo.

What kind?

I would consider getting the New York Yankees symbol. You know, the "NY."

[Dumbfounded] Are you a Yankees superfan?

No, but that's where I'm originally from, and what better symbol of New York than that?

Any guilty pleasures you'd like to confess?

Plain chocolate ice cream. And Britney Spears. I love listening to Britney Spears, but at the same time I don't want to like it. And gin and tonics.

Can you drink most guys under the table?

Um, no. I think everybody would say that I'm pretty much a lightweight. But I hold my own when I really want to party like my 21st birthday. I think I had 12 tequila shots in two hours. I used to love tequila - anytime, anywhere, as much as I wanted. That whole next week was rough, though. A little bit of alcohol poisoning, I think.

Is it hard to convince Hollywood that you can get beyond the sweet-girl-next-door thing?

A little bit, because everybody knows that I look young and that I do goofy TV comedy. But it's a good challenge.

What's your ideal night out on the town?

I like going out with some friends to a club - someplace where there's good music and it's not packed, so you can get up and dance. I love when you walk in and know everyone there.

And what's your ideal night staying in?

If I have people over, it's usually hot tub, music, watch a movie. Then let's go sit outside on the balcony and watch the sun come up.

Speaking of staying in, what's your bedroom like?

There's a walk in closet, then a couple of steps down to a slate bathroom with a huge glass-brick shower. I can actually see the sun rise in the morning when I'm showering, then you walk down three steps, and there's the bed.

What's the strangest thing we'd find near your bed?

A dropper of lavender oil I put a drop on my pillow before I go to sleep.

What's the sexiest thing we'd find in your laundry basket?

Probably a see-through teddy.

We heard you and a dozen girl friends went down to Cabo, Mexico, for three bachelorette parties. Sounds like trouble.

It got a little insane. We just had a great week - 12 girls on the loose in another country. In bikinis. We'd sit on the beach with our hangovers every day and go out dancing every night. Let's just say everybody knew about "the American girls" when we left.

Did you attract the attention of any amorous federales?

No. [Winks] We're sweet little girls.

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